Ratan Tata says Tata Motors will build higher-capacity engines for Nano, defends JLR acquisition

Tata Motors’ Chairman, Mr Ratan Tata, said at the company’s annual general meeting this week that the Tata Nano would soon be available with higher capacity engine options. He said that Tata Motors was in the process of developing upgraded engines for the Nano, to be sold in both domestic and foreign markets. The Nano was originally developed with the idea of catering to the lower income group, but with several European, African and Asian countries showing an interest in the car, Tata Motors is upgrading it for foreign markets.

Mr Tata also defended the company’s acquisition of British car brands Jaguar and Land Rover. He said that the challenges the brands were facing were not due to the products or the portfolio but because of the global economic scenario. One or two years is very little time in the life of a corporation and JLR’s present state is not due to the acquisition but what followed it, said Mr Tata.

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