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Mahindra Scorpio

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The Mahindra Scorpio has undergone many changes since it was first introduced. It has a very simple but bold and rugged looks. It is a highly capable SUV and one of the best from the Mahindra stable. There are good quality interiors but it can be a it cramped in the front, but the rear space is adequate with a large boot area. The overall ride quality of the Scorpio has also been improved with the help of the new m-Hawk engines. Overall the Scorpio is a fantastic car within its segment.
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Mahindra Scorpio Expert Review

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  • Design & Styling
  • 12/15
  • Interiors
  • 8/10
  • Engine & Transmission
  • 8/10
  • Performance and Handling
  • 13/15
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • 8/10
  • Features
  • 8/10
  • Safety
  • 3/5
  • Quality & Reliability
  • 8/10
  • Value for Money
  • 13/15
  • Overall Score
  • 81/100

The Mahindra Scorpio was the first proper SUV made by the company, and that to for the global market. It was first launched in 2002 and met with immediate success. Since then the car has been upgraded many time with many new engine variants and better quality and comfort interiors.

Mahindra Scorpio Exterior View

The Scorpio more recently has been fitted with a fantastic engine that gives great power, and there is also the option of an automatic transmission as well as different seating arrangements. The car also now comes with some decent features and safety technology. The Scorpio mainly competes with the Renault Duster and Tata Safari.

Design & Styling

The Scorpio is big and butch, in fact it sits higher than most SUVs. The car is wide and looks massive thanks to the prominent grille and bulging fenders that give the Scorpio a dominating presence, and its upright stance means you tower over the road ahead. Although it is a big strong looking SUV, it still doesn’t compare to more modern looking SUVs and it still uses its original design since its inception. It is certainly not the most attractive or appealing, because it has conservative looks, instead of aggressive and modern.


The interior space is amazing, and there is plenty of room for all occupants. There is a 5 seater and a 7 seater, and both seating arrangements offer plenty of space, and there is ample head and leg room. The interiors have also been pleasantly set up in the 7-seater and the middle row gets individual captain seats as well for a more comfortable setup.

Mahindra Scorpio Interior View

The dashboard is decently organized with everything easily in place. The ergonomics are good and the instrument cluster and steering wheel are nicely arranged a well.

Engine & Transmission

The base variant of the Scorpio uses the same 64bhp engine found in the Bolero, however we drove the VLX variant that comes with the 2179cc mhawk CRDe diesel engine. This engine has great performance figures and is very well refined. It has 120bhp and 290Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Performance and Handling

The performance figures of the Scorpio mhawk are very impressive and it performs very well indeed. You get power and torque at low level rpm and through the mid range as well. The car, although heavy, can pick up speed very well and can also travel at high speeds. On the highway the Scorpio is a great cruiser and can travel at up to 130kmph with full confidence. There is not too much noise from the engine and the ride quality is superb. The gearbox also works well with the engine. The suspension setup is also very good and you can move from smooth highway to rough terrain easily. The Scorpio can be a great off-roader as well and can take on some serious terrain, and with its power, it can even move effortlessly over it. The overall performance of the car is quite good and even the handling is decent. It might seem a little light but it is responsive and easily controllable and maneuverable for its size.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency in the mhawk VLX with manual transmission gave us approximately 13kmpl on average.


The new Scorpio also comes with some decent features. There is of course power steering and power windows as well as an in-built audio system with steering mounted controls and Bluetooth. Then there is also micro hybrid technology that helps conserve fuel and there is also an intelligent driver information system with voice assist system.


There is also decent safety technology including ABS and front airbags. There is also a parking sensor to help you park or move through a tight spot.

Quality & Reliability

The Scorpio is a well built car. It is highly reliable and affordable at the same time. The availability of components is never a problem and there are plenty of service centres. In terms of overall quality the Scorpio is not too bad depending on the variant you choose. The higher variants use better quality materials but only on the interiors. Overall the car is of good quality and is very well built and very reliable.

Value for Money

Depending on the variant you choose the Scorpio can give you great value for your money or just good value for your money. The Scorpio is very well priced at all its trim levels and offers you quite a package for a good bargain.


The Scorpio is a big and comfortable car. It also comes with a great engine that gives great performance. It is a proper SUV at a great price. The only downside is that it doesn’t look very attractive and its overall quality is average. The good side is that this car is great for the city as well as for a long highway ride or an enduring adventure off-road. If you want a big comfortable car with decent features and you are a little loose on your budget, go for the higher variant.

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