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The history of Mahindra & Mahindra is extensively embedded in the history of India. The company was first called Mahindra and Mohammad in 1945, but after partition of India and Pakistan, Mohammad moved to Pakistan and the company came to be known as Mahindra and Mahindra. The steel trading company first got into the automotive industry manufacturing Willys Jeeps under license. The company has vast knowledge in car manufacturing and since then has manufactured commercial and private vehicles and I now one of the best Indian manufacturer and has also expanded into other segments such as two-wheelers.

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17 Mahindra Models Available

Mahindra Gio Image

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Mahindra Gio

1 variant available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 1,68,000

Mahindra Gio Cab Image

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Mahindra Gio Cab

1 variant available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 1,95,000

Mahindra Maxximo Image

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Mahindra Maxximo

1 variant available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 3,22,400 - 3,46,000

Mahindra Maxximo Plus Image

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Mahindra Maxximo Plus

2 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 3,42,637 - 3,59,785

Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Image

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Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck

2 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 4,09,000 - 4,84,000

Mahindra Thar Image

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Mahindra Thar

3 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 4,54,713 - 7,22,600

Mahindra Bolero Camper Image

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Mahindra Bolero Camper

3 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 4,84,000 - 6,00,502

Mahindra Genio Image

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Mahindra Genio

3 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 5,03,000 - 6,07,000

Mahindra Verito Image

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Mahindra Verito

11 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 5,18,625 - 7,93,004

Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up Image

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Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up

3 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 5,30,374 - 5,94,562

Mahindra Verito Vibe Image

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Mahindra Verito Vibe

3 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 5,61,054 - 6,70,463

Mahindra Quanto Image

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Mahindra Quanto

4 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 5,81,882 - 7,83,489

Mahindra Bolero Image

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Mahindra Bolero

6 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 6,00,704 - 7,02,686

Mahindra Scorpio Getaway Image

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Mahindra Scorpio Getaway

2 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 6,99,000 - 8,89,000

Mahindra Scorpio Image

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Mahindra Scorpio

13 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 7,08,000 - 12,40,500

Mahindra Xylo Image

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Mahindra Xylo

9 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 7,14,161 - 11,04,557

Mahindra XUV 500 Image

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Mahindra XUV 500

5 variants available

Ex-showroom Price:

Rs. 10,79,673 - 14,64,727

Expected Price
Rs. 2,50,000

Expected Date
October - 2014


Mahindra Small Car

Launching Soon

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About Mahindra

Corporate Profile

In 1945, Mahindra assembled the Willys Jeep in India and is now a US $7.1 billion Indian multinational. The total workforce caps at 1,11,900 people in over 100 countries and the company is a leader in utility vehicles, tractors and information technology, with a significant and growing presence in financial services, tourism, infrastructure development, trade and logistics. Mahindra’s headquarters are in Mumbai India.

Mahindra Logo

Mahindra is among the top tractor brands in the world. It sells everything from two-wheelers to CVs, UVs, SUVs and the sedan. Mahindra recently acquired a majority stake in REVA Electric Car Co Ltd. (now called Mahindra REVA), strengthening its position in the Electric Vehicles domain.

Tech Mahindra acquired the leading global business and information technology services company, Satyam Computer Services. The company is now known as Mahindra Satyam.

Mahindra is also one of the few Indian companies to receive an A+ GRI checked rating for its first Sustainability Report for the year 2007-08 and has also received the A+ GRI rating for the year 2008- 09.

Company History

On October 2nd, 1945, Mahindra & Mohammed was set up as a franchise for assembling jeeps from Willys, USA.

Two years later, Mahindra & Mohammed changed its name to Mahindra & Mahindra. Ghulam Mohammed migrated to Pakistan post-partition and became the first Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Mahindra and Mahindra started trading steel on behalf on European suppliers. In 1955, Mahindra and Mahindra was converted to a public limited company. Soon after that the Mahindra tools division started. After the formation of Mahindra tools, Mahindra Engineering and Chemical products was formed. In 1983, M&M led the Indian tractor segment. Post that incident they formed a joined venture with British Telecommunications to form Mahindra British Telecom.

Keshub Mahindra was made the Chairman of Mahindra in 2007 from the post of Vice-Chairman and Managing Director. Mahindra has total revenues of US 12.5 billion dollars and employs more than 1,19,900 people around the world. The company has coverage in the vehicles market, the tractor market, information technology as well as significant present in financial services, leisure and hospitality.

Company Founder(s)

Mahindra & Mahindra was founded by two brothers - Jagdish Chandra Mahindra & Kailash Chandra Mahindra. KC Mahindra went to the United States of America as Chairman of the India Supply Mission. He met Barney Roos, inventor of the rugged 'general purpose vehicle' or Jeep and had a flash of inspiration: wouldn't a vehicle that had proved its invincibility on the battlefields of World War II become ideal for India's rugged terrain, he thought. The Mahindra brothers joined hands with Ghulam Mohammed to become a franchise for assembling jeeps from Willy, USA.

In the North Indian city of Ludhiana in Punjab, Jagdish Chandra Mahindra was born. The eldest of nine children, he lost his father at an early age. He believed strongly in education and made sure that his brothers and sisters studied hard. Jagdish Chandra studied at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) Mumbai, one of India's premier engineering and technical institutes. JC’s first stop job was with Tata Steel as the senior Sales Manager from 1929 to 1940.

KC Mahindra was also born in Punjab. KC studied at the Government College, Lahore and Cambridge, UK. When he graduated from Cambridge, Mr. Sachinanda Sinha, Vice Chancellor of Patna University, introduced him to Mr. R.N. Mukherjee, Senior Partner of Messrs. Martin & Company. He started editing the monthly magazine INDIA and the Hindustan Review.

KC moved to Bombay with his brother JC in 1946 to found Mahindra & Mohammed. Under his leadership as Chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra established itself as a major car player in the Indian market. He also served as Director of RBI, Air India, and Hindustan Steel and Chairman of Indian Aluminum Company.

JC died in 1951 while KC died in 1963.

Company Milestones

  • 1940 : Mahindra & Mahindra was launched and it assembled jeeps in Willys, USA.
  • T950: They established a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation and 5000 tons of wagon-building plates from Yawata Iron & Steel were supplied
  • 1960 : They formed another joint venture this time with International Harvester Company, USA and called it the International Tractor Company of India.
  • 1970 : International Tractor Company of India merged with Mahindra & Mahindra and was its Tractor Division.
  • 1980 : Mahindra was the number one tractor company in India, a position it has till date. Formerly known as Mahindra British Telecom, Tech Mahindra was established - a joint venture with British Telecommunications.
  • 1990 : The company went into a large number of new business areas and many new companies were established. These are:  Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, Mahindra USA Inc.for distribution of tractors in the USA, Mahindra Consulting (now Bristlecone), Mahindra Financial Services Limited as a wholesale fund provider, Mahindra Ford India Limited - a joint venture with Ford Motor Company, USA, to manufacture passenger cars,  and Mahindra United World College of India.
  • 2000: The Scorpio launched a sports utility vehicle that redefined the SUV market. Mahindra & Mahindra Tractors was awarded the Deming Prize for excellence in quality. From Jiangling Tractor Company, it took over the tractor manufacturing division. Mahindra Renault Limited was a joint venture with Renault to manufacture and market Logan, a mid-sized sedan. Mahindra International Limited was a joint venture with International Truck and Engine Corporation to manufacture trucks & buses in India. Mahindra & Mahindra acquired the Stokes Group of UK, the largest automotive forgings company in the UK. In order to create a Greenfield site with capacity of 500,000 units per year within 5 years, Renault and Mahindra signed a MoU for a long-term partnership in India Mahindra through its subsidiary agreed to acquire majority stake in Jeco Holding AG, one of the top five forging companies in Germany. Mahindra acquired a majority stake in Punjab Tractors Ltd.

Vision & Values

Mahindra and Mahindra’s vision is to be an innovative and modern company and challenge traditional thinking to change the lives of people across the world.

The company has its products to meet the ambitions of its customers - to help them to achieve their goals and their businesses support communities by providing employment, research and development, and by bringing in green technology through their products as well as very efficient manufacturing. The main values that Mahindra relies on are:

Corporate Citizenship, Being Professional, Dignity, Customer is Key, and Quality. In being professional the company scouts for the best talent, expects great work from them and gives them a chance to grow in the company. They also like creativity and risk taking. In terms of customer satisfaction, the company wishes to provide the customers the products which they want and if they want any modifications, they will work to improve their product to meet the changing requirements of the customers. They also focus on great quality at they believe that “Quality is the key to delivering value for money to our customers.” The company also respects the time and effort of the individuals and gives them the right to express disagreement and their dignity. They focus on fairness, trust and transparency.

Lastly the company aims to serve the needs of the communities in which they operate. They lie on high business morals and ethics and are unwilling to compromise them for anything

Management Team

Anand Mahindra is the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra and Mahindra. He has been the Managing Director of Mahindra since 1997. Mr. Mahindra started his stint at Mahindra in 1981 where he joined Mahindra Ugine Steel Company as the President and Managing Director. He cofounded the Harvard Business School Association of India.

Anita Arjundas is the Chief Executive Officer of Real Estate and Managing Director of Mahindra Lifespace Developers since April 2009. She works on the Special Economic Zones, and Industrial Parks of Mahindra.

Bharat Doshi is the Executive Director and the Chief Financial Officer of Mahindra and Mahindra. From 2008, he was the Chairman of Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Limited and the Non-Executive Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services.

From 2009, CP Gurnani serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra Satyam. He is the President of International Operations and is in charge of Tech Mahindra.

Rajesh Jejurikar is the Chief Executive of the Automotive Sector and served as the Chief of Operations of the automotive segment of Mahindra. He works in sales and marketing and has worked in Mahindra Renault since 2005.

Keshub Mahindra serves as the Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra since 1963. He is on the board of the Mahindra Foundation and K.C. Mahindra Education Trust and Population First. He is a graduate of Wharton in Pennsylvania.

Narayanan Vaghul has been the Chairman of Mahindra World City Developers Limited. He is also the Director of Mahindra Industrial Park Limited and the Director of Mahindra and Mahindra.

Ashok Ganguly is the Director of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited.

Manufacturing Facilities

Mahindra has seven auto manufacturing facilities

  • Igatpuri (Engine Plant)
  • Haridwar (3 wheeler / GiO plant)
  • Kandivli (utility vehicles)
  • Nasik (utility vehicles)
  • Chakan
  • Zaheerabad (LCVs & 3 wheelers)
  • Completely Knocked Down Unit Plants in Egypt and Brazil

It has the following tractor manufacturing facilities

Mahindra Tractors

  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur
  • Rudrapur
  • Nagpur

Swaraj Tractors Mohali operations

  • Swaraj Division (Tractor plant 1 and Tractor & Harvester Plant 2)
  • Swaraj Foundry Division
  • Swaraj Engines Ltd.
  • Swaraj Automotive

Mahindra Powerol plants

  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Pune
  • Vasai

USA (3 Plants)

  • Houston, TX
  • Red Bluff, CA
  • Chattanooga, TN

China (3 Manufacturing plants)

  • MCTCL (Nanchang)
  • MYYTCL (2-Yangcheng)

ANZ (1 Assembly plant)

  • Brisbane, Queensland

The company has a strong network of dealers, service stations and sales offices.

Mahindra & Mahindra has an automanufacturing plant at Chakan in Maharasthra. This facility is pretty large, being 700 acres and has a capacity to produce 3 lakh vehicles. The investment to make this facility was 5000 crores and it produces the product range from the Maximo to the Mahindra Navistar Truck. Not only that, it also produces the SUV and Pick up truck line from the US market.

The company has different areas: one to make the body, another to paint, another to assemble parts of the car. It will also include production of various other models of its cars. The plant was set up in a record time of 22 months. Along with that production capacity, Mahindra has set up Tribal Industrial Training Institutes to train people to create employment along with the Government.

The Press shop has a sound deadning system which ensures a good working environment and also a scrap conveying system that conveys scrap directly to the trucks.

The Paint shop is another special area of the plant. The plant also has 70 solar dishes.


Within technology Mahindra has three main divisions- Tech Mahindra which specializes in solutions for communications industry and is a telecom focused system integration and IT solutions company.

Mahindra Satyam is a global business and information technology services company.

Bristlecone is a provider of a range of services like supply chain spectrum, strategy and process consulting, and business process outsourcing to companies in Asia.

Awards & Recognition

Anand Mahindra won the Qimpro Platinum Standard (Business) 2008 award for excellence in business practices.

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL) won the CNBC AWAAZ Travel Award for its LakeView Resort, Munnar. The award was received in the category of ‘Best Resort for Health and Rejuvenation.’ Ulrich Wolffram, Head of Operations of MHRIL received the award.

Mahindra was felicitated with the 'Brand Communicator of the Year' at the 9th Asia Pacific PR Award. The award was received by Roma Balwani, head of corporate communications of Mahindra and Mahindra.

Mahindra & Mahindra was awarded the ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance for the year 2008 at a function held in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. The award is for companies which follow the highest standards of corporate governance and best practices which are worthy of notice. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), a premier professional body has been set up under an Act of Parliament to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries. The award was received by Arun Nanda, Executive Direcotr of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited. There were many jury members present at the award ceremony.

International Operations

Mahindra and Mahindra has been connected globally since its founding in 1945. It has a setup in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In the US market Mahindra works with Caterpillar and John Deere and GE. The company also helps American companies to source materials from India. The company also consults various other consulting companies from the Silicon Valley.

The company also works with agribusiness and farm equipment, automotive, components, consulting services, energy and IT. The company sells tractors in China, and also sells fresh products to South East Asia. They also help Bangladesh and Nepal with generator sets so that there is supply of power at the homes in these countries improving the standard of living at home.

They also sell their vehicles to Nepal. It has an office in Singapore too from where it does security consulting. They also work with Japan on bulk handling systems. Club Mahindra also allows people to take vacations and travel all over the world


Mahindra and Mahindra in collaboration with Navistar of United States has plans to export the right hand drive commercial vehicles manufactured in India to foreign markets like South Africa and SAARC counties. The company plans to sell 50,000 heavy commercial vehicles and 20,000 light vehicles according to Nalin Mehta, managing director of Mahindra Navistar Automotive Limited, the Joint Venture between Navistar of US and Mahindra and Mahindra of India.

Future Plans

Mahindra and Mahindra plans to launch a new SUV which is above the Mahindra Scorpio. The company after acquiring the Korean company Ssangyong will pump in Rs. 2,000 for the company restructuring. The company is also working with Reva and is planning to launch Reva cars in China. The model that the company plans to launch in China is the Reva NXG which runs at 100 kmph and at the range of 170 kms.

The Mahindra Renault design of the car will be changed as the Logan has not done that well in India. There is also the Mahindra Great Escape event that takes place in Hyderabad every year where people test their Mahindra cars.

Contact Details

Head Office

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
5th floor Mahindra Towers,
G.M. Bhosale Marg Worli,
Mumbai - 400018
Tel: +91-(0)22-24901441

Registered Office

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Gateway Building
Apollo Bunder,
Mumbai - 400001

Automotive Division

Mahindra & Mahindra-Automotive Division
Automotive Sector, Mahindra Towers
3rd Floor, Akruli Road,
Kandivali (East),
Mumbai - 400101
Tel: +91-(0)22-28849588
Fax: +91-(0)22-28468523

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers
A-1, Phase IV,
Chakan Industrial Area,
Village Nighoje,
Taluka-Khed District
Pune - 410501

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