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Cholamandalam MS

TopCorporate Profile

Headquartered in Chennai, the Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between one of India’s leading business groups, the Murugappa Group and the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, a part of the largest insurance group of Japan with a significant global presence. In India, the Cholamandalam operates with 113 branches and more than 7500 agents across the country and achieved a GWP of Rs. 968 crores in the 2010-11.

Cholamandalam MS Logo

The company, with its focus on its customers, strives to understand and address their insurance needs. Trust, Transparency and Technology are two of the most important and integral features of the Cholamandalam. Thus, the policies are easy to comprehend without a trace of any hidden clauses that may prevent the policyholder to avail the complete benefits of the insurance policy. A wide network branches and agents along with long term strategic partnerships with banks, auto manufacturers and auto finance companies have helped the company attain a 23 percent growth rate and become one of the fastest growing general insurance companies in India. The growth has been furthered with high operational efficiency and quick claim settlements.

A variety of insurance products are offered by Cholamandalam to suit the different individual needs and preferences of the customers. These include insurance products with respect to motor, travel, health, accident and home insurance. The company also caters to SME and corporate clients with customized solutions for insurance and risk consultancy, liability, property, liability, marine and miscellaneous.

TopCompany History

The Chola MS General Insurance Company was incorporated in the year 2001. The joint venture has over the years focused its efforts at becoming a customer centric organization, drawing its learning from the Murugappa Group experienced in the Indian business arena. The global presence of the Mitsui Sumitomo Group has further enabled the joint venture to implement advanced global practices and serve its customers optimally.

TopCompany Founder(s)

Murugappa Group

The Murugappa Group is the among the largest industrial business houses in India. The group’s business philosophy has evolved around the couplet from Arthashastra, an ancient Indian treatise on governance and wealth creation. “The fundamental principle of economic activity is that no man you transact with will lose, then you shall not.

Headquartered in Chennai, the group owns numerous companies operating in diverse sectors of the economy, 29 out of which are engaged in manufacturing activities across 13 states in India. Some of the market leading brands in India such as BSA, Hercules, Parrys Beta Carotene and Ajax are owned by the Murugappa Group.

Owning such a large number of companies require a large workforce and thus, the group employs over 32,000 people across the country. Moreover, joint ventures with the leading global entities, such as Mitsui Sumitomo and Cargill, have helped the group establish itself as one of the leading business groups in the country.

Mitsui Sumitomo

The Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, with its headquarter in Tokyo, is a faction of the largest business group in Japan, MS & AD, and has presence in 40 countries with 300 offices. In 2005, it was awarded the "General Insurance Company of the Year" in Singapore. Also, it received the 10th rank amongst the World's Most Admired Companies in the Property & Casualty Insurance field. The group has been highly active in the field of non-life insurance.

The Group was formed as a result of the merger of Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance Co. and Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance and is currently the third largest property insurance company in Japan. The group owns various companies operating in the area of non-life and life insurance, financial services and risk management business.

TopVision & Values

“To be the most respected company amongst General Insurers in India for our value creation to customers and shareholders.”


“To bring peace of mind to our clients by protecting them from financial risks.”


“Grow GWP to RS2,000 crores and Operating PBT to RS150 crores by 2012-2014.”

TopManagement Team

The Cholamandalam functions with the help of its highly energetic and proactive team of employees. This team of employees is headed by a group of administrators who are specialized in different fields of insurance such as retail, commercial and reinsurance as well as finance, accounting and commerce. With their dedication and efforts, the company has been able to create new and higher benchmarks of customer satisfaction, fostering a rich and vast clientele across the country. They have helped in designing innovative insurance products that are ideal for the insurance requirements of the customers.

  • S. S. Gopalarathnam, Managing Director
  • Tsuyoshi Yamane - Director
  • Shivakumar Shankar - Senior Vice President (Retail Insurance)
  • M. Subramanian - Senior Vice President (Commercial Insurance)
  • V. Suryanarayanan - Senior Vice President (Finance)
  • R. Chandrasekaran - Senior Vice President (Underwriting & Reinsurance)
  • Sundar. V - Vice President (IT)
  • Raymund Lobo - Vice President (HR)
  • R. Suresh Senior Vice President - Claims
  • Prabhakaran - Vice President (Operations)

TopProducts & Services

The Cholamandalam provides a wide range of products to suit the varying requirements of individuals, SME and corporate clients. Its products are designed to offer optimum satisfaction to clients in terms of service, convenience and benefits. While the insurance products for individuals are designed for ideal insurance coverage and effective assistance and guidance in case of an accident or a mishap, the insurance products are customized according to the concerns of the corporate clients and SME to provide them optimum insurance benefits of the policy.

  • Individual
    • Motor
      • Chola Protect
      • Private Vehicles
      • Commercial Vehicles
    • Travel
    • Health
    • Personal Accident
    • Home
    • Retail Claims
  • Corporate
    • Health
    • Fire
    • Engineering projects
    • Engineering operations
    • Property Crime insurance
    • Marine insurance
    • Liability
    • Corporate Claim
  • Rural
    • Health Insurance
    • Personal Accident Insurance
    • Critical illness Insurance
    • Tractor / Commercial Vehicle / Motor / Farm Inputs Insurance
    • Micro Insurance
    • Combined / Composite Product Insurance
    • Weather / Input Based Crop against Act Of God perils
    • Cattle Insurance

TopAwards & Recognition

Over the years, the Cholamandalam has gathered various awards across the country and established itself as a high performance and highly efficient company focused at serving its clients with suitable insurance products and designing new and improved policies. It has posted a remarkable growth of 23% and is counted among the fastest growing insurance companies in India. Some of the awards won by Cholamandalam are as follows:

  • Financial Insights Innovation Award for innovation in mobile enablement – Claims Survey Process in the Asian Insurance Congress held at Singapore in 2011
  • Chola MS Risk Services was declared "Risk Manager of the Year" in the 11th Asian Insurance Industry Awards
  • Award for “Outstanding performance in terms of in-time claim settlements under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana” by Ministry of Labour and Employment

TopContact Details

Call Toll Free 24x7 - 1800-200-5544
SMS : "CHOLA" to 56677*
(*Premium SMS charges apply)

TopPrivate Car Insurance

The private car Insurance policy offered by Cholamandalam is a comprehensive insurance cover that insures the policyholders and their vehicles for almost all the possible damages that are insurable. This includes the liability towards third party due to injury or damage to property, optional personal accident cover which can be extended to include named or unnamed passengers in the vehicle. Moreover, it covers the damages from various possible man-made or natural causes of damage to the vehicle.

Some of the additional features are as follows:

  • Daily Allowance: The comprehensive private car policy provides the policyholder a daily fixed allowance to meet the cost of hiring a car for a maximum of 5 days, while the owner’s vehicle is under repair at the garage. The daily allowance may range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000.
  • Reinstatement Value (Full Car Investment Security): To ensure maximum claim benefit to the policyholder, in case of a total loss or constructive total loss (75% damage), the policy compensates the complete amount or value of the car as per the vehicle invoice value and the depreciation on the repaired parts in case of a partial loss will be considered nil. The cost of vehicle registration and road tax is not considered in the benefit.
  • Depreciation Waiver on Vehicle Parts: The depreciation charged on the replaced vehicle parts is waived and the age of the vehicle determines the amount of waiver.
  • Cover for Personal Luggage Loss: The value of the personal luggage, if damaged along with the vehicle and locked inside during the accident is reimbursed by the company up to Rs. 10,000.
  • Chola Assistance for Roadside Emergencies (CARE 24x7): Complete assistance is provided to a policyholder for situations such as fuel delivery and battery top-up or car breakdown assistance like flat tyre/on-site repair.

Third Party Personal Liability

The comprehensive private car policy includes the third party legal liability which is mandatory by the Motor Vehicle Act for every vehicle plying on the road. It provides unlimited coverage of liability to the third party due to accidental death or injury caused by the vehicle. Third Party Property Damage is also covered with compensation allowed up to Rs. 7,50,000 in case of private cars.

Own Damage Cover

Own damage cover is also included in the comprehensive private car policy and insures the losses and damages to the car incurred by the policyholder owing to man-made or natural causes. Thus, all possible causes of damage or loss are covered by the policy some of which are as follows:

Man-made causes: fire, explosion, lightning or self-ignition, housebreaking, burglary or theft, strike and riot, accidental external means, terrorist activity, malicious act and whilst in transit by rail, road, inland waterway, air or lift

Natural Causes: earthquake (fire and shock damage), flood, storm, typhoon, hurricane, tempest, inundation, hailstorm and cyclone, landslide, rockslide

Personal Accident Cover

A personal accident cover is included in the comprehensive private car policy and consists of a compulsory cover for the owner or the driver of the vehicle of Rs. 2,00,000. It also covers unnamed passengers such as spouse, children, parents, etc starting from Rs, 10,000 up to a maximum of Rs. 2,00,000.

Legal liability towards your employees

The policy includes an extension of the legal liability towards employees arising out of an accident involving the vehicle.


The comprehensive private car policy can be availed with various discounts subject to the customer’s eligibility. If the customer has not filed any claim in the past one year, he/she is granted a no claim bonus which in effect acts as a discount while taking a new policy. The amount of discount will depend on the number of years a claim has not been made. Members of Automobile Association also enjoy certain discounts on the policy premium. Moreover, if the insured vehicle is installed with anti-theft devices approved by Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI), a discount can be availed.

Exceptions to the policy

The comprehensive private car policy, in spite of being an all inclusive package policy, doesn’t cover certain exceptions which are uninsurable or against the law. For example, if there has been an accident, the damages will be insured, but if the driver was under the influence of liquor or drugs, the claim will not be entertained by the company. Loss or damage by willful negligence is also not covered by the company. If the vehicle is being used outside the scope of limitations of use or the driver doesn’t hold a valid driving license, the company would not pay for the damages incurred in case of an accident. Other exceptions to the policy are consequential loss, wear & tear, depreciation, mechanical & electrical breakdown / failure of breakages, loss due to nuclear weapons or radioactivity and loss due to war.

Sum Insured

The sum insured is the total amount of the value for which the car is insured. It is fixed at the time of the commencement of the insurance policy. The Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) is based on the manufacturer's listed selling price of the brand, make and model of the insured vehicle. The commencement of insurance or the renewal is preceded by adjustment for depreciation in accordance to the age of the vehicle.