Mercedes-Benz introduces India’s first ‘BS VI compliant vehicle

India’s largest luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz, has achieved a historic milestone in the Indian automotive industry, by being the first automobile brand in India to launch the first ever BS VI compliant vehicles, ‘Made in India, for India’. The Certificate of Compliance to the Central Motor Vehicles Rule for Mercedes-Benz India was presented by ARAI Director, Smt. Rashmi Urdhwareshe to Mr. Roland Folger, MD & CEO. BS-VI standards are far-reaching in scope and incorporate substantial changes to existing Bharat Stage IV emission standards. Of particular note is the tightening of Particulate Matter (PM) & NOx mass emission limits. In a BS VI vehicle the NOx limit reduction is upto 68% and PM limit reduction is achieved at 82% in BS-VI, compared to that in BS-IV.

Roland Folger stated, “We are glad to fulfil our commitment to the customers and to the Government’s vision of ‘Make in India’, by introducing the first ever ‘Made in India, for India’ BS VI compliant vehicles. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are world-class products and they comply with the most stringent emission standards, and the ARAI certified new BS VI vehicles reiterate this high benchmark. The introduction of India’s first BS VI vehicles for the Indian market is a significant milestone and we strongly believe that this will pave the way for other manufacturers to introduce their BS VI vehicles in India. This, we believe would also be beneficial for the end customer as they could use the latest technology available.” S 350d vehicle comes with a state-of-art engine and exhaust after treatment technology, such as refined engine, EGR, DPF, SCR etc. These technological measures lead to reduce the emissions significantly and meet the BS-VI regulations with huge margins. The S 350 d features the most powerful diesel car in Mercedes-Benz history.

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