The S-Class expands

It wasn’t only in India where Mercedes-Benz felt stiff competition and lost out to it as well in the luxury car market, but even throughout the globe, the iconic German manufacture which is credited with the invention of the automobile, has been loosing out to other players in significant numbers and has been trying to do everything within its power to reclaim its number one status. So what better way than to offer a more diversified product portfolio with more options and styles, and that is the reason why the company has decided to expand it range of cars, starting with the legendary S-Class. Within the next two years the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz will see 5 new variants making an entrance to the global market. The standard saloon will get a longer wheelbase version and more importantly, two ultra-luxurious versions will replace the ended Maybach brand. There will also be a brand new coupe variant that will be available along with the face lifted SLS variants and SL variant. The SLS might also receive an E-cell version. While the S-Class will receive the most upgrades and changes, the E-Class will also see some action as well as new CLS-Class coming in 2014.

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