Audi unveils A2 Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

Audi introduced its A2 concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September (2011). Designed primarily for urban areas, A2 is an electrically powered vehicle with ample cabin space. 3804mm long, 1693mmwide and 1494mm high, A2 is ultra-lightweight at just 1,150 kgs.

The A2 concept car has a dense rooftop which helps in effective maintenance of the temperature. The front grille of the A2 is a single unit designed to assist in electrical operation with two thirds of its upper portion as closed folding surface. Underneath the grille are installed the cooling inlets which are made out of graphite foam and act as air inlets. As for the cars interiors, it has flat interior floor boards and four individual seats with a center console attached to the driver’s seat.

The A2 comes equipped with a new feature called Semi-Autonomous Drive. This technology enables the car to move ahead while stalled in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The car is also Wi-Fi enabled. According to Audi, the concept car A2 has a range of nearly 200kms with the capability of recharging itself within an hour and half from zero power.

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