BMW retails 972 units in September, 2011

Despite the slump in the Indian auto industry, BMW India’s cash registers are ringing as the company sold 972 units in September 2011, as compared to 687 units sold in the same period 2010, making it the top seller of luxury cars in India for the month of September 2011.

The company sold 330 units of its BMW 5 series sedan, 273 units of the BMW X1 series and 220 units of the BMW X3 series. Other models which contributed to the sales figures were the BMW 6 series and the Z4, of which the company sold 3 units each. The company sold 69 units of the X3 SUV (which was launched in August, 2011) and 23 units of the BMW X5. While the BMW Gran Turismo had 5 buyers for it, the BMW X6 had 6 takers for it.

The company sold 40 units of the BMW 7, which is the highest in a month for the third quarter of 2011. Sales figures of other luxury carmakers for the month of September 2011 were lower than that that of BMW, as Audi India sold 555 units and Mercedes-Benz India sold 745 units for the same month.

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