Luxury car brands like Audi and BMW to sport MRF tyres

MRF’s super premium car tyres could now be fitted in luxury car brands such as Audi and BMW. The company’s new range of tubeless radial tyres can now be sported by more than 35 models including both the domestic and imported cars in India.

Exporting tyres to more than 65 countries in the world, MRF is currently the largest tyre manufacturer in India. MRF Tyres will manufacture a new range of high end tyres especially for luxury cars like Audi and BMW. According to Mr. Koshy K Varghese, MRF’s Executive Vice-President (Marketing), “The new tyres were made of advanced polymer compound with stable ring construction to enhance customers’ confidence in high speed driving.”

The company has a turnover of Rs. 10,000 crore and is planning to set up a new plant in Tamil Nadu with an investment of Rs. 800 crore as a part of its expansion plan. The plant is expected become operational in 2012.

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