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Bentley Continental Flying Spur Image

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 3,20,61,705 – 3,40,27,591 (Delhi)



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Bentley Continental GT Image

Bentley Continental GT

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 3,30,09,000 – 3,58,00,980 (Delhi)



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Bentley Bentayga Image

Bentley Bentayga

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 3,85,00,000 – 3,85,00,000 (Delhi)



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Bentley Continental GTC Image

Bentley Continental GTC

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 3,92,10,500 – 3,92,10,500 (Delhi)



Not Available
Bentley Mulsanne Image

Bentley Mulsanne

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 5,54,01,000 – 5,54,01,000 (Delhi)



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Corporate Profile

Bentley Motors Limited is a British manufacturer of high end luxury cars. It was founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley and was sold to Rolls Royce in 1931, after demand for the company’s expensive products collapsed during the great depression.

In 1998, the Volkswagen Group purchased Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motors for 430 million UK pounds, after going through a bidding war with BMW. Volkswagen Group believed that the Rolls-Royce name was included in the purchase, when in fact the name belonged to Rolls-Royce plc, the aero-engine company, and was used by the automobile division under license. After subsequent negotiation between BMW & Volkswagen, an agreement was reached whereby Volkswagen Group would manufacture both Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars until the end of 2002, licensing the name from Rolls-Royce plc; on 1 January 2003.

After acquiring the Company, Volkswagen spent £500 million to modernize the Crewe factory and increase production capacity. As of 2010, there are approximately 3,500 people working at Crewe. It was reported that Volkswagen invested a total of nearly US$2 billion in Bentley and its revival.

Global sales of Bentley cars plunged by 50 percent to 4,616 vehicles in 2009 from approx. 10,000 units in 2008. The company suffered an operating loss of 194 million UK pounds on a revenue of 571 million UK pounds, in contract to the profit of 10 million UK pounds in 2008.

All Bentley cars are manufactured in Crewe, England, and subsequently exported around the world. There are 212 Bentley facilities (dealerships & service centers) across the world; 24 in the UK, 38 in the USA, 52 in Europe, 15 in the Middle East (including Africa and India) and 15 in Asia and Australasia. The company has regional offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Sydney, Korea, Dubai and Mexico.

The current board of management consists of Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, Chairman and Chief Executive; Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn; Alasdair Stewart, in charge of the Sales & Marketing; Douglas G. Dickson, who is responsible for Manufacturing; Christine A. Gaskell, in charge of the Personnel; and Jan-Henrik Lafrentz, who is in charge of the Finance. Dirk van Braeckel is current Head of Design.

Bentley has had a presence in India since 2003. It is represented solely by Exclusive Motors through its showroom in The Ashok Hotel in New Delhi. Bentley’s direct competitors include Rolls-Royce (BMW) & Maybach (Mercedes Benz).

Company History

Bentley was founded by W.O Bentley in 1919, the year in which the first Bentley was produced. From very modest beginnings, W.O’s company went from strength to strength through the 1920s, with an evolving series of acclaimed motor cars and a fleet of racing triumphs to prove their outstanding performance.

If we had a mission statements in those days, it could not have been expressed more eloquently than in the words of W.O. himself, “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class”.

Located in Crewe, England since 1946 and owned by Volkswagen AG, since 1998, Bentley Motors is dedicated towards building responsive and powerful Grand Tourers, which boast of stamina and redefined comfort and style.

Celebrations to mark the company’s four year anniversary were combined with the Delhi launch event, which was held at the British High Commissioner’s residence and was attended by over 300 people, including Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stag.

Company Founder(s)

W.O Bentley was the founder of Bentley. A twenty-two year old obsessed by speed and its potential for changing the world, Bentley was a genius, who was gifted with an intuitive grasp of the dynamics of the new internal combustion. He was also a precocious visionary who believed nothing was impossible. One last thing about him, he liked to win.

Competitive motorcycle racing at the Isle of Man and the newly-opened Brooklands circuit gave him his taste for speed but couldn’t satisfy his hunger for power. Then in 1912, he and his brother, H.M. Bentley, acquired the UK agency for the French Doriot; the Flandrin & Parant (DFP). On his first run in the Aston-Clinton hill-climb, W.O. broke the class record - with his wife Leonie in the passenger seat. The DFP was “quick, robust, sporting in character and of the highest quality”, the very qualities that were to become the foundations of the cars he went on to produce.

On a trip to the DFP factory in France he noticed an aluminium piston being used as a paperweight by one of the company directors. He adapted his own DFPs with this revolutionary material and drove them to one racing triumph after another. Indeed, these lightweight pistons quickly became the “secret ingredient” of Bentley’s success, when in comparison his conservative competitors continued to regard aluminium as too weak to withstand the inferno of the engine block.

The beginning of the Great War brought new challenges. The frivolities of the DFP era were over. W.O. turned his attention to more serious affairs, creating the Bentley Rotary I (BR1) following an Admiralty Commission to power the Sopwith Camel, and with it, allied dominance of the air.

The BR1 and the subsequent BR2 epitomised Bentley’s ability to transform raw design ingredients into masterpieces of power and reliability. In his later life he admitted that nothing had given him more pride than this contribution to the war effort.

In 1919, with the war over and British industry booming, W.O. turned his attention to the dream he’d been cherishing these long seven years, building the car that would satisfy his own extraordinarily high expectations as a driver, as an engineer, as a competitor and as a gentleman.

Luck and good judgement helped him to recruit the finest available talent. Sheer persistence and the will to succeed rewarded him, and in October 1919 at his service shop in New Street Mews, Bentley introduced the very first 3-litre Bentley engine.

Company Milestones

  • 1888: Walter Owen Bentley the founder of Bentley Motors was born in September 1888.
  • 1919: Bentley Motors was founded by WO Bentley in 1919. His aim was “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class.” The directors of the company were HM and WO Bentley and HMJ Ward. The car company was formed after the war.
  • 1930: Bentley Motors presented the Mulsanne this year. It was inspired by the coronation of the company founder WO Bentley in 1930. The heritage of the company is at the Le Mans circuit, home of six of Bentley’s wins.
  • 1931: As the company was not doing well and on the application of the mortgagee, the court appointed a Receiver to Bentley Motors limited.
  • 1998: Bentley Motors revealed the new Arnage at La Sathe circuit. Bentley with Rolls Royce Motors was in collaboration with BMW at this time.
  • 2002: Dr Franz-Joseph Paefgen, chairman of the board and CEO of Bentley delivered the new Bentley state limousine to the queen at Windsor Castle. It was a gift to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her golden throne anniversary.
  • 2011: Bentley held an apprentice open day on Saturday, 19th March 2011. It announced its most potent and radically styled convertible ever- the 202 mph Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record Convertible.

Vision & Values

Bentley’s vision is to be the British car luxury brand that is dedicated to developing and crafting the world’s most desirable performance cars. The characteristics that define a Bentley are: handcrafted luxury, distinctive design, breathtaking power and performance. The Bentley has its own way of doing things. Enduring racing has always been a test to the strengthen cars.

Power is the main characteristic of their brand. They work on self-confidence and the British sense of understatement. The Bentley way makes things appear as effortless as possible.

A Bentley can be easily distinguished by its twin headlights, matrix grille and high waistline. It takes time and effort to build each model of the car and the cars are hand crafted. Bentley has always been about passion. Their reputation lies on experienced skills. Many people build a Bentley thinking that it’s their own car. Each machinist who creates a Bentley puts his own sign on the upholstery.

Management Team

Christophe Georges is the Chief Operating Officer of Bentley Motors at the Volkswagen Group of America since August 2007. Prior to his current position, he served as the Managing Director for Bentley Europe and was based in Berlin. He has worked with Bentley for the past nine years. He has also in the past worked in Sales Operation for Rover Europe.

George Dowding is the Vice President of Bentley motors since 2007. He has been with Bentley for seven years and has worked in different capacities. Prior to joining Bentley, he worked at Porsche and Harley Davidson.

William Kennedy is the Vice President of Bentley Motors. He joined Bentley as Secretary and General Counsel in 1984, before joining Bentley he worked as a lawyer from 1982 to 1984. He was the legal assistant for the Bureau of Consumer Protection of Federal Trade Commission in Washington. He graduated from Dartmouth College and Georgetown University.

Manufacturing Facilities

Bentley Motors’ production headquarters is on the outskirts of Crewe in England. In 1946, the plant produced its first motor car - the Bentley Mark VI. It was designed by Ivan Everriden.

The plant produced the Derby designed Bentley R Type until 1955, it was then replaced by the Bentley S1/Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, the first car wholly designed, developed and built at Crewe. It was also the last Bentley fitted with a six-cylinder engine, as its successor, the S2 used the Crewe designed and developed all-aluminium Rolls Royce 6.25-litre V8.

In 1998, Bentley Arnage/Rolls Royce Silver Seraph was launched powered with a 4.5 litre V6 BMW engine. Vickers announced its decision to sell its car making division which included the Bentley brand, Crewe factory and licensed right to produce cars under the Rolls-Royce brand. While many companies bid for this, BMW bought the licensing rights from Rolls Royce. In 2000, BMW's new Rolls Royce Motor Cars division announced the building a new manufacturing plant on the historic Goodwood Estate in West Sussex.


Bentley has a Bluetooth telephone system that is the latest technology to connect users to their mobile phone to the on-board telephone system. There are four such technologies in Bentleys.

  1. Bluetooth rSAP - This system downloads all the content in the wireless mobile phone stored on the SIM to the infotainment system and allows you to make and receive phone calls.
  2. SIM Card Reader - You can insert the SIM card to the SIM card reader which is located in the driver’s armrest.
  3. Compatible Telephones - There are some phones that are compatible with the Bluetooth technologies. They can be found under the specifications.
  4. Bluetooth Hands Free Profile - This connection creates a wireless link with the mobile phone and allows you to make and receive phone calls using the infotainment system using hands free and voice dial functions.

There is the infotainment system which is the heart of the technology for the Continental GTC. The system operates DVD Satellite Navigation system with route guidance, the Hi-fi system, the TV Tuner, the Electronic climate control, the Suspension and ride height adjustment, Mobile telephone controls, On-board computer controls and Telephone systems.

Awards & Recognition

Bentley Continental GT won the most beautiful car in the world award nominated by L’Automobile Pi Bella Del Mondo in 2003. The Italian jury of car journalists, designers, stylists and industry luminaries awarded 198 mph Continental GT this award. The award was won by Dirk van Braeckel. Braeckel stated this award was a great honor for the company.

The Bentley Continental GT won the Dream Machine award in 2004, it was awarded by the television program Motorweek produced by Maryland Public Television. The award is a proof of Bentley GT’s appeal and the impact on North America. The car was given the award for its outstanding performance, smooth ride, comfort, luxury and exclusivity.

Bentley Motors team won the special Spirit of Greenpower award for its performance in the Greenpower Corporate Challenge. The team built the electric powered car which they entered in the challenge. The car is called the Continental DC (Direct Current) and works on 12 volt batteries.

International Operations

Bentley has the Bentley Drivers Club. The first drivers were Bentley drivers who were attending a race at the Brooklands track in Surrey in 1936. A bigger venue had to be found last moment for it. The club is global and has branches in Dallas, Tokyo, Cape Town and Canberra. The club organizes various events and provides specialist services for owners of Cricklewood, Derby, and Crewe Bentley. It is the focus of a worldwide Federation of Bentley Clubs and welcomes new members.

The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club was formed in 1957 and welcomes new members. Membership is all over the world – in excess of 10,500 and in 52 countries with more than 3,500 Bentleys in ownership. Thirty nine geographical sections and eight model registers organize events including overseas tours. The Annual Rally with seventeen classes is the largest Rolls-Royce and Bentley gathering in the world.

The Rolls-Royce Owners club was established in USA in 1951 and has 9,000 members. All Bentley model cars are welcomed to the club. The RROC, as it is called, helps members restore, maintain and repair their cars.


Bentley does not export any cars from India, according to the company.

Future Plans

Bentley is planning to adopt Audi’s MLB platform that’s used in Audi models including the A5 coupe and the A8 sedan. The system has a light weight aluminium space frame body combined with a new generation four-wheel drive system. The W12 engine will carry over which may feature in even more models including a new small sedan, shooting brake or four door convertible.

Contact Details

Bentley Motors Limited
Pyms Lane, Crewe,
Cheshire, CW1 3PL,
Tel: +44-(0)1270-255155

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