Ford Cars

Ford Figo Image

Ford Figo

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 4,29,900 – 7,40,600 (Delhi)



Silver Award
Ford Classic Image

Ford Classic

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 4,89,556 – 7,36,484 (Delhi)



Ford Figo Aspire Image

Ford Figo Aspire

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 4,89,990 – 8,24,990 (Delhi)



Ford EcoSport Image

Ford EcoSport

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 6,68,800 – 10,17,000 (Delhi)



Silver Award
Ford Fiesta Image

Ford Fiesta

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 7,99,469 – 9,57,364 (Delhi)



Ford Endeavour Image

Ford Endeavour

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 25,49,000 – 31,50,000 (Delhi)



Ford Mustang Image

Ford Mustang

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 65,00,000 – 65,00,000 (Delhi)



Not Available
Ford Kuga Image


Ford Kuga

Expected Date

Expected Price
Rs. 10,00,000

Ford Endeavour Pickup Image


Ford Endeavour Pickup

Expected Date

Expected Price
Rs. 20,00,000

Ford B-Max Image


Ford B-Max

Expected Date

Expected Price
Rs. 6,00,000

Ford Mondeo Image


Ford Mondeo

Expected Date

Expected Price
Rs. 15,00,000

Ford India

Ford India, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Company Phone:

Corporate Profile

Ford Motor Company is based in Dearborn, Michigan, USA and is the world’s fifth largest producer of cars and trucks. Ford Motor Company employs 1, 98,000 people globally. The current Chief Executive Officer of the company is Alan Mulally. Ford’s annual profits as of 2009 stood at $2.717 billion.

Ford owns a stake in Mazda (Japan) and Aston Martin (United Kingdom). The company had owned 75% of Aston Martin for the last couple of decades, and later acquired 100% of the company. Ford also owned Jaguar and Land Rover but sold these British car manufacturers to Tata Motors in 2008. Ford had also sold Swedish automaker, Volvo, to Geely Automobile, which is one of China’s biggest automobile manufacturers. Ford sold the Swedish automaker for 80,96,54,40,000 rupees.

Ford’s main operations are in the United States, Canada and Europe. Its annual turnover in 2009 was $118.3 billion. It has 90 plants and facilities across the globe.

The current Chairman of Ford is William Clay Ford Junior. Lewis Booth is the Chief Financial Officer, Mark Fields is the Executive Vice President and John Fleming is the Executive Vice President of Manufacturing.

The cars that Ford produces globally are: Ford E-Series Wagon, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Ford Fiesta, Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang, Ford Shelby GT500, Ford Taurus, and Ford Transit Connect Wagon.

Company History

In 1899, Henry Ford founded the Detroit Automobile Company. In 1901 the company failed and it was re-launched as the Henry Ford Company in the same year. The first car that Ford manufactured was the Model A in 1903. By 1906, the Model N was produced. However, the first simple, affordable car that Ford produced was the Model T. The Model T was a car for the middle-class American and was the first car to be produced on the assembly line. It also had interchangeable parts.

In 1902 Henry Ford left the company due to some misunderstandings and the Ford team changed the company name to Cadillac. Henry Ford still had rights to his name and 900 dollars of cash which he used to start another company under his name.

Ford with the help of the coal dealer Alexander Malcomson, founded another company called “Ford and Malcomson Company” and the pair designed their first car.

In their efforts to raise more money, Malcomson contacted his uncle John S. Gray. Malcomson wanted Gray to join the “Ford and Malcomson” because he was a well-known investor and following his entry to the company, other investors would also pay attention to this new company. Malcomson succeeded as Gray agreed to join the company.  Following Gray’s entry, Albert Strelow, Vernon Fry, John Anderson, Horace Rackham, Charles Bennett and James Couzens joined the company.

In 1903, the Ford Motor Company was incorporated, with 12 investors owning a total of 1000 shares. Ford and Malcomson retained 51% of the new company in exchange for their earlier investment. Gray was elected president, Ford was elected as the Vice-President and James Couzens was elected as the secretary of the company.

In 1914, Ford produced 3, 08,162 cars. In 1927, by the time the last Model T was built, the company produced an automobile every 24 seconds.

Company Founder(s)

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was born in 1863 to a farmer in Dearborn, Michigan. He was the first of six children in his family. He worked in the nearby town of Detroit as a machinist’s apprentice and then he came back to his town and worked in a small machine shop there. Ford married Clara Bryant in 1881. He incurred a lot of expenses in his marriage due to which he joined the Edison Illuminating Company in 1881 and worked 24 hours a day to pay his bills. After that, Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with his invention of the internal combustion engines and the Quadricycle, a carriage that ran on gasoline and four bicycle wheels.

Ford made some inventions and took some decisions that affected the sales of the company. Ford founded the popular V-8 Engine. He decided that Ford cars would be manufactured only in black which led Ford Motor Company to trail behind General Motors in its production numbers as General Motors produced cars of different colors which led to higher sales of General Motor cars as people preferred those cars.

Henry Ford died in April 7, 1947. The current Chairman of Ford is William Clay Ford Junior.

Company Milestones

  • 1863 - 1899: Henry Ford was born in 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan as the son of a farmer. Ford was fascinated by machines since an early age as he spent most of his time repairing watches and fixing go-kart devices. Although Ford’s father wanted him to work in the farm, Ford decided to opt for a different career path. He started repairing engines. He was still in his teens at this time. He soon became Chief Engineer at Edison Illuminating Company. During this time, he continued to work on the gasoline engine. He ran the Quadricyle experimental car in Detroit in 1896, and after the successful run, he approached investors who gave him money to start the Detroit Automobile Company.
  • 1902 - 1937: During 1902, Ford withdrew from the Detroit Automobile Company and formed the Ford Motor Company. The company set up a plant at Piquette Avenue. In 1906, when Ford had competition from Olds, Buick and Cadillac, he came back vehemently and defeated the competition to become the top car manufacturer in the United States. Henry Ford was made the president of the company. After Ford’s orientation, a few years later Ford introduced the Model T which was transferred from Piquette to a new plant, the Highland Park plant, while Piquette closed down.  Ford created another plant in 1911 in Manchester in England. Over 1913-1920, Ford was proud of the following achievements: the first ever assembly line was inaugurated at Highland Park, the first $5 workday week was announced, land was bought for setting up a plant in Rouge, Dearborn, The minority stockholders were bought over by Ford and the five millionth Ford was produced. In 1922, Ford Motor Company acquired Lincoln Motor Company which led to more employees being part of the company. In 1927, Model T had already built its 15-millionth model. Six years later, Ford realized that the company was falling behind GM and Chrysler. In 1937, the 25-millionth Ford was built.
  • 1938 - 1980: Ford started producing cars and bombs for the World War. In 1941, it produced 8,485 B-24 bombers for the Second World War.   1943 marked the death of Edsel Ford and the election of Henry Ford as the President. In 1945, Henry Ford II was elected as the President. For the next ten years, after 1945, Ford was responsible for producing a series of cars. Some of the cars the company launched were: the Chrysler and the Thunderbird. Chrysler Town and Country New Port had a hardtop, four-wheel disc brakes, was 225 mm long, had a wheelbase of 131.5 mm and an had an engine running at 135bhp. The Thunderbird, on the other hand, had a two seat coupe/convertible layout, a really short wheelbase of 102 mm, and an engine brimming at 215bhp. In 1955 Ford introduced the Continental Mark II. After that, sales of Ford Motor Company common stocks began. In 1965, Ford entered the van market with the Ford Transit Van which led to the formation of Ford Europe. The management of Ford went through a change and Semon Knudsen joined the company from one of Ford’s competitors, General Motors. The next CEO of the company was Henry Ford II.
  • 1982 - 2003: The Ford Ranger was introduced in 1983. After that Henry Ford II retired as the company officer and employee. Harold Poling was elected as the President of Ford in 1985. In 1987, the Lincoln Continental was introduced. In 1996, the 250 millionth Ford was built. William Ford Junior became the chairman of the company three years later and Ford acquired Volvo and Th!nk electric car. Land Rover was acquired from BMW in 2000.

Vision & Values

Ford has a vision to become one of the world's leading consumer companies for automotive products and services. Apart from that, its vision is to provide personal mobility for people all over the world.

Four goals of Ford are:
  • To be a consumer-needs driven company.
  • To respect and value each team member’s contribution.
  • To be an environmentally responsible company that lives up to the standards of society.
  • To constantly improve in everything the company does.

In an effort to become socially responsible, Ford also established its electric vehicle line, with the first car being the Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle. This car operates on batteries and thus does not cause pollution.

Ford believes that quality comes first. Their goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing customers products of high quality and good service. They also believe that customers are the focus of everything the company does. They aim to provide better products than their competition. Their goal is to strive for excellence in everything they do. They uphold the highest standards of employee satisfaction by treating their employees with trust and respect. To move their business forward, Ford aims to maintain healthy relationships with its vendors and business associates. The company does not discriminate against people of different caste, race, sex and religion.

Management Team

Alan R. Mulally has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Ford Motor Company since September 1, 2006. He previously worked at Boeing as the Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). Mulally was born in Oakland, California. He is an alumnus of MIT Sloan School of Management.

William Clay Ford is the Executive Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Ford Motor Company, since July 13, 2006. He is the great-grandson of Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. Prior to becoming the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ford Motor Company, Ford worked in product development, which is bringing a new product to market through product design, product engineering and market research, market analysis, and in financial staff which involves creating annual budgets, measuring future profits from new operations, risk management and accounting operations. He is an alumnus of the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Lewis W. K. Booth is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Ford Motor Company since November 1, 2008. Lewis is sixty-two years old. He was earlier responsible for the Premier Automotive Group. In 1978, when Ford was in its early years he joined the company as a financial analyst. He had a series of leadership positions around the world such as Ford of Europe, Ford Asia Pacific, Ford South Africa, Mazda and Ford’s financial group as well as Truck Operations, Product Development, Manufacturing and Sales operations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Michael E. Bannister is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Ford Motor Credit Company. He has been the Group Vice President of Ford since April 2004. Bannister earned a Bachelors Degree from the prestigious Memphis State University in Tennessee. He joined Ford Motor Credit Company in 1973 and held many positions in the company. Apart from Ford, Mike also serves on the board of directors of the National Council on Economic Education, the Young Men’s Christian Association and the Detroit Investment Fund Board.

Bill Connelly has been Chief Executive Officer of Automotive Components Holdings LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company since December 2007. He also serves as Chief Financial Officer of Automotive Components Holdings LLC.

Manufacturing Facilities

Ford has ninety production plants all over the world which include the AutoAlliance International Plant, Bahia Plant, Blue Diamond Track, Buffalo Stamping, Chicago Embassy, Cologne Transmission, Dagenham Engine, Dearborn Truck, Ford Malaysia, Genk Body and Assembly, Michigan Assembly Plant and Valencia Assembly Plant.

Ford began its production in 1996 in India. Ford has a plant in India located in Tamil Nadu. It employs 2,100 people and manufactures the Ford Endeavour, Fiesta, Fusion, Ford Ikon and Ford Figo. The production plant is located in the town of Chengalpattu in the city of Chennai. Ford is the fifth largest car maker in the world and is the second largest car maker in the United States.

Ford has another manufacturing plant in India with a capacity of 1,00,000 vehicles annually which is located in Maraimalai Nagar, 45 kilometers from Chennai. When Ford launched the Figo in 2010, it invested $500 million to double the capacity of the plant to 2,00,000 vehicles annually. It also set up a facility to make 2,50,000 engines every year.


Ford has launched two new technologies: the global avatar and the Sync. The Sync is in collaboration with Microsoft. The global avatar is in an effort to reduce costs.

Ford has launched an animation technology which allows the company to create a global avatar that will design the car in an online environment. This will allow the company to design and test many parts of the car without incurring the huge costs of physical building and testing. The avatar will assemble the vehicle parts and build a digital prototype.

Ford has also launched a technology called the Sync. The Sync is developed by Microsoft and is a voice-control technology that allows the user to give commands via voice. The system listens to the commands and gives the output. For example, if you want directions to a restaurant near your house, you speak out “Please find the way to Pizza Hut” and the Sync technology system will process your voice and give you directions.

Sync also changes radio channels and updates your Twitter status when you tell it to. It works with Mapquest for directions, Pandora for radio and the iPod, for music. Alan Mullaly, Chief Executive Officer of Ford feels that this new technology will improve sales of Ford vehicles and plans to introduce this technology in many new models of the car.

If you are stuck on the road and have a flat tyre, or if you are alone in some area and need protection, you can call 911 from Sync.

Unfortunately, the Sync is not available yet in Indian models. Sync is offered in 14 Ford vehicles in North America, 5 Lincoln vehicles and the Mercury Milan. It is available as an add-on at a retail price of $395, according to the company.

Awards & Recognition

Ford India has bagged five awards from Bloomberg UTV Autocar Awards. Ford India’s President and Managing Director Michael Boneham said that Ford Figo’s victory is a phenomenal achievement for the Indian car market. Ford won the “Car of the Year Award 2011,” “Value for Money Car 2011,” “Premium Compact Car of the Year 2011,” awards.

Among the awards given by viewers Ford won the “Viewers Choice – Car of the Year 2011.” For its manufacturing facilities, Ford won the “Manufacturer of the Year 2011.” Along with these awards, Ford also got the “Indian Car of the Year 2011,” “2010 ET Zigwheels Car of the Year,” “Compact Car of the Year,” “Viewers Choice Award by CNBC TV18-Overdrive.”

The car manufacturer was awarded a safety award by Euro NCAP, a company that focuses on awarding manufacturers of cars awards for advanced safety technologies. The Active City Shop technology of Ford allows the vehicle to break automatically if a crash is detected.

In addition to these awards, Ford S-Max won the Car of the Year Award by Autocar in 2006.

International Operations

Ford’s brands are Ford and Lincoln. It operates about 75 plants worldwide, but gets about half of its sales from North America. Below are Ford’s worldwide plants:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam.

Ford’s cars include the Ford Mustang, the F-Series pickup, the fuel-efficient 2012 Focus, and the 2013 electric C-MAX. Ford Motor Credit is one of the US's leading auto finance companies. Ford owns a small stake in Mazda but sold Volvo in 2010 to Zhejiang Geely Holding, parent of Geely Automobile.

The company’s worldwide operations are in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. Traditionally, Ford outside the United States focuses on sales and distribution. It has 200 markets across six continents and maintains 108 plants worldwide as of 2006.

In addition to its worldwide operations, Ford’s global operations are under the supervision of its head office. There are region-specific websites that display different content pertaining to each local market. With globalization, Ford has expanded its reach worldwide.


In 2007, Ford India manufactured Ford Fiesta and exported the car to South Africa. The company exported 5,000 units of the car that year.

Ford India is exporting the Ford Figo to South Africa. By mid-July 2010, the company exported 1,200 petrol and diesel engine Figo vehicles to South Africa. By the end of 2010, the company had exported 5,000 Figos to South Africa, said Ford India’s managing director Michael Boneham.

Between January 2011 and April 2011, Ford India had exported 1,167 units of cars. Total exports of Ford India up to May 2011 are 42,395 vehicles. Ford had set up its production facility in India in 1996. The Ford products are generating a lot of buzz in the international markets.

As per the international markets, Ford Philippines hit 950 million dollars in export revenues up to 2010. Its cumulative exports are 75,000 units. Between January – November 2010, the company exported 9,092 units.

The Sta Rosa factory in Philippines has a production capacity of 15,000 units out of which it exports 10,000 units and sells the rest 5,000 cars in the country. This facility exports the Ford Escape, Focus and Mazda 3.

Future Plans

Ford plans to bring more global products to the Indian market which will increase its sales thereby making up for its dull sales in Europe and the United States. The car manufacturer plans to launch a new car every 12-18 months in India and open 28 dealerships.

Ford plans to convert India into an export hub for the Figo and launch new models in India. Ford is also planning to invest more money in operating production plants, dealerships and customer sales in India. Apart from making India the export hub Ford also plans to invest US$ 350 million on the JV truck in Thailand in partnership with Mazda.

Ford announced a £1million scholarship program called the “Ford Blue Oval Scholarship Programme” for sponsoring university students in 2011. The great grandson of the world’s fifth largest car manufacturer, Mr. Ford started this program in order to sponsor each student for each year that Ford has been in Britain, which is a total of 100 years. The program will be funded by the Ford Motor Company Fund, which is an arm of Ford Motor Company and Ford of Britain. Ford Fund is working with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation in order to fund this program.

Contact Details

Plant and Corporate Office
Ford India Private Limited
S.P. Koil Post,
Chengalpattu - 603204
Tamil Nadu
Tel: +91-(0)44-67403333

Corporate Office - North
Ford India Private Limited
3rd Floor, Building 10 C,
DLF Cyber City,
DLF Phase II,
Gurgaon - 122002
Tel: +91-(0)124-3873001
Fax: +91-(0)124-3873999

Regional Office - West,
Ford India Private Limited
301, Central Plaza,
CST Road, Kalina,
Santacruz (E),
Mumbai - 400098
Tel: +91-(0)22-67024300
Fax: +91-(0)22-67024305

Regional Office - South
Ford India Private Limited
Block - 1B, 1st Floor,
RMZ Millenia Business Park,
143, Dr MGR Road,
North Veeranam Salai,
Perungudi, Chennai - 600 096
Tamil Nadu
Tel: +91-(0)44-24551500
Fax : +91-(0)44-24559965

Regional Office - East
Ford India Private Limited
55/55/1, Chowringhee Road,
Chowringhee Court,
Unit 33, Second Floor,
Opp. Nehru Children Museum,
Kolkata - 500 071
West Bengal
Tel: +91-(0)33-40073930 - 34

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