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Porsche Macan

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 76,84,000 – 1,21,40,000 (Delhi)



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Porsche 718

Ex-Showroom Price
Rs. 81,63,000 – 85,53,000 (Delhi)



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Porsche Cayenne

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Rs. 1,00,56,311 – 1,78,00,000 (Delhi)



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Porsche Panamera

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Rs. 1,19,94,267 – 2,00,74,911 (Delhi)



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Porsche 911

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Rs. 1,29,25,411 – 2,67,59,844 (Delhi)



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Porsche India

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Corporate Profile

Porsche is a German automaker. In 1948 Professor Ferdinand Porsche built the Type 356 "No. By establishing an independent engineering office in Stuttgart in 1931, Ferdinand Porsche laid the foundations for the House of Porsche, and he made automotive history by pioneering developments for his client companies. Some of its models are: 356, 911, 914, 924, 944, 928, the Boxster and the Cayenne, the former sports-car specialist has developed into one of the world's most successful automobile manufacturers.

Porsche customers, shareholders, and Porsche fans had often expressed their wish for an inspiring place in which to display the corporate history, and in July 2004 Porsche’s Management Board responded by approving the construction of a new museum at Zuffenhausen’s Porscheplatz. The Porsche Museum houses a Central Department offering all the historical and contemporary knowledge about Porsche.

The Indian arm of Porsche, the Porsche Center in Mumbai opened its doors in November 2007 and with its inimitable design and distinctly Porsche elements gives you an exceptional experience of the Porsche world. It is located in South Mumbai amidst the prime residential and commercial districts it offers convenience to Porsche customers.

The showroom is 3,000 square. It is equipped with all Porsche corporate identity elements as seen globally which will clearly set a benchmark for the Indian automotive industry. It is an unmistakable Porsche environment with an open transparent layout, designed with the customer as the focus.

Precision Cars India Private Limited was established as the official Porsche Importer for India in 2007. From the inception of the business, the promoters have had a very clear vision: to offer the highest quality products and after sales service in an endeavor to provide customers with an unprecedented buying experience.

Company History

Ferdinand Porsche was born on September 3 in Maffersdorf. He attended grammar school and the Staatsgewerbeschule (State Vocational School) in Reichenberg, in 1875. He entered his father’s business as an apprentice plumber.

He developed the Lohner Porsche electric car. He also developed the all wheel drive racecar and the hybrid petrol electric vehicle. Ferdinand Porsche became the Technical Director at Austro-Daimler in Wiener Neustadt. At the age of only 31, he is responsible for the model range of one of Europe’s largest automotive concerns.

The Austro-Daimler touring car designed by Ferdinand Porsche scores a triple victory in the Prince Henry Trials. Ferdinand Porsche designed the Mercedes Compressor Sports Car. The following year, the 2-litre racecar developed under his aegis wins the Targa Florio. The Mercedes-Benz S-Type models dominate international motorsport from 1927. Ferdinand Porsche opens an office on engine and vehicle design in Stuttgart on April 25.

Porsche developed a Grand Prix racecar. His company receives an order to design the German Volkswagen. . The ‘Ur Beetle’ is assembled in the garage of the Porsche villa in Stuttgart. In 1939, under the designation Type 64, three racing coupés are developed at Porsche in Zuffenhausen. Built for long-distance endurance competition, the ‘Berlin-Rom-Wagen’ are considered the forefathers of all later Porsche sports cars. In 1944, due to the war the Porsche offices are moved to Gmund in Carinthia.

The design of the Cisitalia begins in 1946. After that the 356, the first sports car to bear the Porsche name is built. It wins in Innsbruck Stadtrennen.

Company Founder(s)

Ferdinand Porsche was born on 3rd September 1875. He created the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mercedes Benz SSK as well as many Porsche automobiles. He made a lot of contributions to advanced German tanks: Tiger I, Tiger II and Elefant. He got the German National Prize for Art and Science by Nazi Germany. He was put in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and was names the Car Engineer of the Century.

He attended classes at the Imperial Technical School in Reichenberg at night and helped his father in the day. Porsche got a job with Vela Egger Electrical company in Vienna when he turned 18 and he would go to the local university after his work. He developed the electric hub motor.

In April 1931 Porsche founded a consulting firm. They designed a middle class car as their first project. Porsche decided to work on his own designs as well. Porsche founded a subsidiary company Hochleistungs Motor GmbH in 1932 to make a racing car. In 1932, the Auto Union was formed comprising of Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. Baron decided to work with Porsche to design new cars. Porsche started accepting projects for Nazi Germany and designed the Panzer, Tiger Tank and Elfant Tank Destroyer for them.

Company Milestones

  • 2000: At the Louvre in Paris, Porsche celebrated the world premiere of the Carrera GT sports car. The construction of the new Porsche assembly plant begun in Leipzig for the Porsche Cayenne SUV.
  • 2001: The new 911 GT2 has the PCCB Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake and generates 462 hp. The Carrera received the 3.6 litre engine.
  • 2002: Porsche presented its off road Cayenne. The Boxster is released with the VarioCam technology.
  • 2003: Production of the Porsche Carrera started in Leipzig. A total of 1,270 units of the high performance sports car are built. The 911 Turbo Cabriolet and the 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet expand their product line.
  • 2004: The new generations of the 911 and Boxster sports car are introduced in the Basic and S versions.
  • 2005:  The Porsche Cayman S with 6 cylinder is presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Porsche became the largest Volkswagen shareholder.
  • 2006: Alongside the new 911 GT3 the 521 hp Cayenne Turbo S marks a new power peak. The new 911 Turbo with Variable Turbine Geometry is introduced. The Cayman with 245 hp rounds out the model range. Further new entries are the 911 GT3 RS and the 911Targa 4 models. The Porsche RS Spyder won at the Le Mans Series.
  • 2009: Assembly of the Panamera commences in 2009.

Vision & Values

Porsche is a company with strong ideals. It permeates through everything it does. They constantly meet demands of consumers and have an idea about who they are and how they approach things. They are committed to constant improvement.

70% of all Porsche cars ever built are still on the road today. They meet their standards in terms of quality and safety. Their high performance meets practicality. Some dynamics are couples with exceptional occupant comfort and safety. Their principle is to achieve maximum output from minimum input. It’s called the Porsche Intelligent Performance. They work with a range of companies. They value heritage and never forget their origins. Porsche is rooted in motorsport. Their cars are very fresh and innovative. They offer personalization options to customers so that they can build their perfect Porsche.

Porsche has six principles:

The Porsche Principle

The Technical Principle

The Human Principle

The Performance Principle

The Perspectives Principle

The Tradition Principle

Management Team

Hans Potsch is the Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Porsche since September 2009. He was the CFO of Volkswagen prior to joining Porsche. He was also the President of the Durr Systems Inc and the Treasurer of Volkswagen since 2005. He worked at BMW for 8 years from 1979 to 1987. He served at the Chairman of the Board of Management for Taub in Germany. He also served as the Member of the Supervisory Board of Porsche since April 2010. He studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany.

Matthias Muller serves as the Chairman of the Board of Management for Porsche since October 1, 2010 and the Chief Executive officer since the same year. He is the Member of the Executive Board since October 13, 2010. Prior to joining Porsche he was in charge of Product Planning, Product Management and Model Series for the VW group and the Volkswagen Brand and has promoted the development of products at the Volkswagen Group.

Stephan Altrichter has been the Head of Porsche Schweiz since May 2010. He served as the Managing Director of Berlin and Postdam Porsche center and was in the management of Swiss sales subsidiary of Porsche. He managed the Mercedes office in New York.

Michael Baumann serves as the Head of International Press at Porsche Automobil.

Hans-Gerd Bode is the Head of Department for Public Relations and Press of Porsche since October 2010. He served as the Head of Product and Technical Communications of Porsche Automobile from June 1, 2008 to October 2010. He was responsible for Porsche’s corporate communications regarding new model launches. He was also the head of brand and product communication of Volkswagen since 2001. He was the head of brand and product communication of Mitsubishi and served at Opel. He knows a lot about how the automotive industry conducts its press operations.

Manufacturing Facilities

Porsche hopes to increase its sales nearly five teams in 2011. They hope to sell 500 units in 2011 above 131 units sold in 2010. The order position till February 2011 is 217 units. Precision is the sole importer and distributor of Porsche cars in India.

The production capacity of Porsche is 1,00,000 units per year and ships out cars from Germany. The order position of the Cayenne is 74,000 units and the production amount is 44,000 units. It also plans to expand its dealership and distribution network in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Kochi.

Chinna accounts of 20,000 units of Porsche while Asia accounts for 4,000 units and Africa accounts for 7,000 units.

Porsche will also produce a sports utility vehicle in Leipzig in Germany. Their production is in the Leipzig plant, the factory in Stuttgart- Zuffenhausen and the Volkswagen plants are in Bratislava, Braunschweig and Hanover/Wolfsburg. The engine will be produced at Zuffenhausen. The linked production scheme involving Leipzig and Zuffenhausen and various VW plants offers Porsche the ability to produce a new vehicle at a great value.


The VarioCam plus is a system that combines Variable Valve Timing with a two stage lift on the inlet side. The resulting benefit is greater power and torque and smoother running and better fuel economy and exhaust emissions. All operations are controlled by the engine management system. Vario Cam will increase the amount of life and reduce valve timing. The vehicle removes unwanted noise at the source. The mechanical noise is minimized at every stage without resorting to engine encapsulation.

The Direct Fuel Injection system has been used in the Panamera. DFI reduces fuel consumption by up to 13% and CO2 emissions up to 15%. There is an injector which sits directly on the cylinder head and injects fuel directly into each combustion chamber with the help of a high pressure pump at a pressure of 120 bar. More air than normal can be compressed into the combustion chambers. This technology is also used in the new Cayenne Diesel.

All the cars of Porsche comply with Euro 5 emission standards. The construction of the Porsche is light weight. The 911 consists of 20 per cent alloys. With a total weight of 1,585 kilograpms, its one of the lightest vehicles in its class. Porsche also has the Doppelkupplung with manual and automatic models. In conjunction with the DFI, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 15% and CO2 emissions can be reduced by 16%.

PDK is two half gearboxes integrated into one housing and thus requires two clutches. The clutch provides an alternating non positive connection between the gearbox and the engine. The flow of power from the engine is transmitted via one part gearbox and one part clutch.

The Auto start/stop function works such that if you’re waiting at traffic lights with your foot on the brake, the system switches off the engine. As soon as you release the brake, it starts again. This saves fuel by 10%.

Awards & Recognition

The Porsche 918 RSR racer won the EyesOn Design award for the best concept behicle. These were announced at the Detroit auto show. This award was received by Detlev von platen, head of Porsche’s North America Division. These awards are judged annually.

According to the Brand Watch Study, Porsche has won the best performance brand, best exterior design in the luxury segment and the coolest brand. The 918 Spyder won in two of the three categories.

Porsche Design won the Red Dot Design award in the “Fashion and Accessories” category. The award was won by Porsche for the P’1700 Cannes moccasin – footwear. The award was received by Juergen Gessler the CEO of Porsche’s Design group who claimed that the company focuses on producing durable products and not trendy products. There were 4,400 design submissions. The Red Dot Awards are toward great designs that combine style that is timeless with latest technologies. Porsche Design scored well on all fronts.

Porsche swept the board in the sports car categories, winning Best Sports Car for the Cayman S, Premium Sports Car for the 911 Turbo and Luxury Sports Saloon for the Panamera Turbo in the Middle East Motor Awards.

International Operations

Launched in 1972, the Porsche Engineering center employs about 2,100 people. Weissach doesn’t only design and engineer Porsche vehicles but also provides a service to customers. Some of the external customers are GM/Opel.

Porsche has established its center in Shanghai Pudong announcing the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Porsche in China. This will be the first Porsche Center for Porsche China reflecting the importance of China in the global operations of the company. The large interiors will allow the team to serve a growing number of Porsche owners. It is spread over two floors. Mr. David Xiao is the head of the Porsche center in China. Porsche China began in 2001. Sales of models reached 9,090 cats in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Precision Cars India Private Limited is the official importer of Porsche in India. It has centers in India in Chandigarh, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi. Porsche has increased it’s dealership in India. It opened its dealership recently in the Jubilee Hill area in Andhra Pradesh. The facility in Hyderabad is 5,000 square feet of space and has all of Porsche products. Porsche also plants to start centers in Bangalore and Ahmedabad to grow in India. Porsche has sold 269 units from January to October 2010.


Porsche exports from India to Nepal but does not export to other countries yet.

Future Plans

Porsche plans to unveil the following cars in India:

2011 -

  • Panamera Hybrid
  • Panamera Diesel
  • Cayman Clubsport

2012 -

  • New Boxster
  • New Cayman

2013 -

  • Baby Boxster (a sub Boxster sports car based on the Volkswagen Bluesport concept)
  • 928 (a V8 powered GT based on the Panamera)


  • 918 Syper plug-in hybrid
  • Cayene SUV facelife

In the United States the company is planning on building new headquarters. The new US headquarters will bring all the employees under the same roof and also have a test track. The new facility is located in Atlanta and will house 400 employees. The facility will have a Technical Service and Training Center as well as a Customer Experience Center. They will also host the Porsche Financial Services Inc and Porsche Business Services, which are both located in Lisle Illinois.

Porsche is coming out with the Boxster in 2012. This will have a 2.5 litre four cylinder engine which will be available in the turbocharged trim giving an output of 360 hp. The Boxster will be offered in India in a 6 cylinder engine with 255 hp and 290 Nm of torque. Porsche India plans to sell 500 units of the Boxster. The waiting period of the Porsche Cayenne is about 500 days and that of the other models in 100 days. The order position for the Cayenne is 74,000 units whereas the production for other models is 44,000 units.

Contact Details

International Office
Porsche AG
Kundenberatung Exclusive & Tequipment,
Porscheplatz 1,
D-70435 Stuttgart
Tel: +49-(0)711 / 911-25977
Email: customercenter-exclusive@porsche.de
Website: http://www.porsche.com

Porsche Assistance
Precision Cars India Private Limited
3rd Floor, Splendor Forum,
3 District Centre Jasola,
New Delhi - 110044
Toll Free Number: 1800-1020-911
Website: http://www.porsche.com/middle-east/

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