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Premier India

Premier Automobiles India, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Corporate Profile

Premier is one of the leaders in automobiles in India. Premier is popular in both segments: Engineering and Automotive. There are two divisions within engineering - CNC Machine Production and Engineering while within automotive – there is Light Utility Vehicles and Sports Utility Vehicles. While Premier was originally in Mumbai, it relocated to the Chinchwad plant at Pune. It’s spread over 27 acres and is the research and development hub for all of Premier’s activities.

Premier was the first company that produced the famous Indian car, the Premier Padmini. Premier also entered the SUV market by launching India’s first compact diesel SUV - the RiO. It has also launched the Sigma - a multi-utility diesel van and Roadster - a versatile pick up truck.

In Engineering, Premier focuses on wind energy. It provides solutions for wine turbine manufacturing. It makes wind turbine steel parts like rotors, carriers and rings.

Premier Ltd. manufactures highly sophisticated CNC machines, including CNC gear-cutting machines, CNC vertical turning and turnmill centres, machining centres and custom-built special purpose machines.

Company History

Established in 1944, Premier Ltd. (Formerly known as The Premier Automobiles Ltd.) went on to become the pioneer of automobile manufacturing in India.

During 1980, Government approval was received for foreign collaboration and for import of capital goods for improving fuel economy.

In 1981, 60,000 shares of the company were changed to loans. In 1983, the capacity of the cars was increased from 18,000 to 28,600 cars per annum. In 1985, the licensed capacity of the vehicles increased to 50,000 vehicles.

During 1986 due to the recession, there were problems in the auto industry. The company made an agreement with Technolicence Ltd. UK to make diesel engines. These diesel engines were fitted in Padmini cars and were test driven. The next year the company acquired the machine tool division of Walchand Industries and produced machine tools. The year after that the company tied up with AVL of Austria and Power Design Intra of USA to improve the Padmini engine for reduced body weight and better fuel economy. During 1991, the plant at Wadala shut down.

In 1993, the company installed the diesel engine in the 118 NE car. There was a joint venture between Peugeot of France to make the model 309 car in India. There was a JV between the company and Fiat to make the Uno in India. In 1994, the company went into collaboration with the German company Hermann Pfauter to manufacture CNC gear hobbing machine in the country.

In 1996 the production of the Padmini stalled. The machine tools division signed an MoU with an Italian company to develop and market their components. There was a 55% localization of its parts. Also, there was a JV between Fiat and PAL in which Fiat owned 51% and Pal.

Company Founder(s)

Seth Walchand Hirachand (1882 - 1953) is the founder of Premier. Born in Solapur, Maharashtra, Seth Walchand Hirachand transcended his rural roots to implement a vision of an independent India founded on genuine Indian enterprise, skills and capabilities. Realizing the importance of transport for growth of the country’s economy, he began to lay the groundwork for improved mobility of people and goods, which are integral in the improvement of living conditions.

During the country’s struggle for freedom, he ventured into areas that would strengthen India’s industrial development. His focus was primarily on all spectrums of the transport industry.To facilitate the assembly and repair of war planes, he established Hindustan Aircrafts Ltd, which was nationalized for strategic reasons after independence. Rechristened Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., this company went on to become a legend in the aviation industry. Seth Walchand also forayed into shipping and ship building, establishing the Scindia Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. in Mumbai and the Hindustan Shipyard in Vishakhapatnam. He even pioneered the surface transport industry in India with Premier Automobiles Ltd. (now known as Premier Ltd.) in 1994.

Initially assembling Chrysler vehicles, the company went on become the country’s leading automobile company. In addition, Seth Walchand ventured in to heavy engineering, steel pipes and pen-stock in large and medium engineering industries. He also contributed to the agro sector by setting up plants to produce sugar from sugarcane. All these industries gave India a much-needed shot in the arm in the post independence era. They provided the basic infrastructure as well as employment to a large section of the people. Seth Walchand believed that India could not afford to rest on past glory, and that constant, intelligent growth and forward momentum are vital. To make this possible, he initiated and set up a number of educational institutions to facilitate this dream

Company Milestones

  • 1940: Premiers founder There was collaboration with Chrysler, USA. In the same decade, the factory was established at Kurla in Mumbai. In 1948, the first Preier car rolled out.
  • 1950: In 1950, Dodge and Fargo trucks were launched. Premier collaborated with FIAT, Italy. This was the decade the Premier Padmini (Fiat 1100 was launched) In 1950, there was the assembly of cars and trucks at Kurla. In 1952, the first Premier Roadmaster Bus was launched.
  • 1960: Vehicle production crossed 100,000 vehicles. The body stamping plant was set up at Dombivilli. It achieved 100% indigenization in 1965. It faced some GOI price, volume and new model restrictions.
  • 1970: The company won a case in Supreme Court against the Government price control policy.
  • 1980: It manufactured its 5,00,000th car and the Premier 118 NE came out and it acquired a machine tool operations company.
  • 1990: The company collaborated with Fiat, Peugeot and this was the time when there was restructuring. The JV with Fiat was for the UNO model and the JV with Peugeot was for the 309 model.

Management Team

Maitreya Doshi is the CEO, Chairman and Managing Director, MD Adhikari the President, DD Mulherkar is the Vice-President of the Machine Tool Division, KG Rathi is the Vice-President (Engineering Division), Rakesh Mehta is the Vice-President (Automotive Division), Ramesh Tavhare is the Vice President (Finance and Legal) and the Secretary.

Directors of the Company - Mr. Maitreya Doshi is the Promoter and Chairman & Managing Director of the Company, Mr. S. Padmanabhan, Mr. Asit Javeri, Mrs. Rohita Doshi, Mr. Rohan Shah, Dr. Udo Weigel, Mrs. Kavita Khanna and Mr. Dilip J. Thakkar.

Awards & Recognition

Premier won the Fie Foundation Award At IMTEX 2011. Mr. Doshi was present at the event.

Contact Details

Corporate Office
Premier Automobiles Limited
58, Nariman Bhavan,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400021
Tel: +91-(0)22-61179000
Fax: +91-(0)22-61179003

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